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We  feature new entirely range of crafted audio designs that are packed with technology to deliever the best audio expierence for the best audio expierence of the entertainment .

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Our  Induction Cooker  has Electromagnetic induction technology which ensures high heating efficiency, cooks food faster than a gas stove.

Programmed for indian and fast cooking .

Simple design makes cooking easy

0 -3 hours setting time

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Personal DJ Towers

Designed and engineered  for incredible power depth and precision

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Our LED TV  for premium picture quality and elegance, Full HD brightness and clarity for the living room, bedroom, or office… The cinema are now..

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LED Lights and Hanging Panel Lights are designed under the expert supervision of our skilled & experienced professionals in order to meet the standard quality norms. In addition to this, we provide these top quality products in various sizes, dimensions and designs as per the varied needs of our valued customers

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy at I.G.T. governs the manufacturing processes and R & D driven by market feedback. Product Enhancement is carried out through continuous research activity which reveals plenty of insights of the company regarding the product and also the buying behavior of the customer
The manufacturing practices at the company's manufacturing facilities are comprehensive and systematic from the inward inspection of vendors supplies to the in process systems and the final assembly. A Vendor to the company is extended partner so much as they participate in development and are in turn our quality control inspectors. Every product current or under development carries our company assurance of quality, the hallmark of the brand.
Our Attitude to Product delivery is a commitment and responsibility of staff who ably supports our top-of-the-line Infrastructure monitored by highly stringent Quality Control procedures producing world-class components and products with lesser response times exceeding customer expectations.



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